B.E Computer Science and Engineering


CS2302 - Computer Networks Lecture Notes
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Semester 1, GE2112 - Fundamentals of Computing and Programming, GE2115 - Computer Practice Laboratory I, GE2155 - Computer Practice Laboratory-II, Semester 3, CS2201 - Data Structures, CS2203 - Object Oriented Programming, CS2208 - Data Structures Laboratory, CS2209 - Object Oriented Programming Lab, Semester 4, CS2251 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms, CS2253 - Computer Organization and Architecture, CS2254 - Operating Systems, CS2255 - Database Management Systems, CS2257 Operating Systems Lab, CS2258 Data Base Management Systems Lab, Semester 5, CS2301 - Software Engineering, CS2302 - Computer Networks, CS2303 - Theory of Computation, CS2304 - System Software, CS2305 - Programming Paradigms, CS2307 Network Lab, CS2308 System Software Lab, CS2309 Java Lab, Semester 6, CS2351 - Artificial Intelligence, CS2352 - Principles of Compiler Design, CS2353 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design, CS2354 - Advanced Computer Architecture, IT2353 - Web Technology, CS2029 - Advanced Database Technology, CS2357 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab, CS2358 Internet Programming Lab, semester 7, CS2401 - Computer Graphics,CS2402 - Mobile and Pervasive Computing, CS2032 - Data Warehousing and Data Mining, IT2024 - User Interface Design, IT2352 - Cryptography and Network Security, GE2022 - Total Quality Management, CS2405 Computer Graphics Lab, CS2406 Open Source Lab, Semester 8, CS2055 - Software Quality Assurance, GE2025 - Professional Ethics in Engineering, CS2060 - High Speed Networks, ECE, EC2202 Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming in C++, EC2209 - Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming Lab, EC2303 - Computer Architecture and Organization, EC2352 - Computer Networks, EC2356 Computer Networks Lab, EEE, EE2204 - Data Structures and Algorithms, EE2209 Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory, CS2311 - Object Oriented Programming, CS2312 - Object Oriented Programming Laboratory, CS2363 - Computer Networks, CS2411 - Operating Systems, Syllabus, Anna University Question Paper, Two and Sixteen Marks Question Bank, Lecture Notes, ppt download, pdf download, free downloads,B.E,CSE,Computer Science and Engineering, manual